The department has access to 2 fully equipped computer labs at the disposal of students. The lab provides tools and technologies to conduct data simulation and analysis,perform class assignments, communicate via email and access library resources.The entire department have wireless internet access.


The High Voltage Laboratory is a graduate research and undergraduate teaching laboratory. It specializes in the measurement and testing of all types of electrical insulation systems, ranging from insulators on air lines, solid and liquid insulation materials, and components of Electric Power


Controls systems engineering is an engineering discipline that deals with design of controllers that will cause systems to behave in a desired manner. The controls laboratory has modern equipment used by fourth year and fifth year students for control systems practical, final year project and research. The laboratory enables our students to acquire practical skills and knowledge applied in modern control engineering for control of industrial processes in various engineering fields.


Our Electronics Laboratory is used primarily for teaching linear and nonlinear electronic devices and circuits and to carry out class and design projects. It is equipped with digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, DC power supplies, function generators, digital stopwatches and breadboards. The laboratory also contains other equipment like IC testers, LCR meters, solder/desolder stations for through hole components, and surface mount devices in addition to a wide range of electronic components.