Health Services

The University of Nairobi has  Main students’ and Staff clinics, as well as Student and Staff Hospital,  situated at the Main Campus off State House Road and are open 24 hours daily. Satellite clinics are situated in various campuses   of Kikuyu, Upper Kabete, Lower Kabete, Kenyatta National Hospital, Chiromo, Kisumu, Mombasa, Kibwezi, Parklands and Kenya Science. These satellite clinics are open from 8.00am to 5.00pm with coverage for nights and weekends for emergencies.

Outpatient services that are not available at UHS are outsourced from other providers. In-patient services are offered at the Students and Staff Hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital and other major hospitals in line with the existing health policies for students and members of staff and their dependents.   

While demand for quality healthcare and cost of healthcare continues to increase, UHS remains focused to providing efficient and cost effective services despite limited and constrained resources


  1.  General  and Specialized Out-patient services
  2.  In-patient Care and Management ( including curative and rehabilitative)
  3.  Theatre services
  4.  Laboratory / Medical Diagnostic Screening and Testing
  5.  Information ,Counseling and Education Services
  6.  Ambulance  Support Services for Emergency Evacuations
  7.  Prevention and management of alcohol and drug abuse
  8.  Referral  System for Specialized Care and Management
  9. Comprehensive HIV and AIDS Prevention and Support

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