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Engineering Students Association


  1. To Create, Preserve and Promulgate knowledge of Engineering, thereby contributing to the social, cultural and Economic well being of the people and approach towards developing the Nation.

  2. ESA Aims to inculcate among its members an Awareness and Appreciation of the various disciplines of not just Engineering but also other relevant fields. By way of its activities ESA aims to be a resource platform for all the students of The University in general and particularly of the students of The Engineering School.

  3. ESA seeks to be an active organization of The Engineering School at The University which promotes the members’ career interests.


  1. To promote the academic welfare of ESA members in the Engineering.

  2. To act as a link between ESA members and IEK and promote cooperation with such other professional organization as may become necessary from time to time.

  3. To promote industrial linkages between ESA members and the industry in and outside Kenya.

  4. To promote academic linkages between ESA members and other associations and institutions in and outside Kenya.

  5. To establish and maintain funds on such terms as may be arranged from time to time by such executive committees for projects aimed at achieving its objectives.

Engineering Students Association