TV White Space Network Power Allocation Using Hybrid Grey Wolf Optimizer with Firefly Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization

Principle Instigator
KENNEDY RONOH 1*, GEORGE KAMUCHA2 1Department of Computer Science, Technical University of Kenya, Nairobi, KENYA. 2Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, University of Nairobi, Nairobi, KENYA

TV white spaces (TVWS) can be utilized by Secondary Users (SUs) equipped with cognitive radio functionality on the condition that they do not cause harmful interference to Primary Users (PUs). Optimization of power allocation is necessary when there is a high density of secondary users in a network in order to reduce the level of interference among SUs and to protect PUs against harmful interference. Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO) is relatively recent population based metaheuristic algorithm that has shown superior performance compared to other population based metaheuristic algorithms. Recent trend has been to hybridize population based metaheuristic algorithms in order to avoid the problem of getting trapped in a local optimum. This paper presents the design and analysis of performance of a hybrid grey wolf optimizer and Firefly Algorithm (FA) with Particle Swarm Optimization operators for optimization of power allocation in TVWS network power allocation as a continuous optimization problem. Matlab was used for simulation. The hybrid of GWO, FA and PSO (HFAGWOPSO) reduces sum power by 81.42% compared to GWO and improves sum throughput by 16.41% when compared to GWO. Simulation results also show that the algorithm has better convergence rate.

Project Status