Control and Instrumentation
This area of specialization for an electrical and electronics engineer develops the
skills and knowledge for the engineer to design, develop, install, automate, manage
and/or maintain equipment and systems which are used to monitor and control
engineering systems, machinery and processes.
C&I engineers ensure that these systems and processes operate effectively,
efficiently and safely. C&I engineers need a thorough understanding of the
operational processes of an organisation. They have a multidisciplinary role,
working closely with colleagues across a number of functions, including design,
operations and purchasing.
Control and instrumentation engineers develop skills in specific control disciplines
such as advanced process control (APC), distributed control systems (DCS),
Programmable controllers (PC), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).
Robotics, Unmanned vehicles and guidance systems, Sensors and instrumentation,
Switching and automation etc.
Career opportunities
Designing and developing new control and instrumentation systems;
writing computer software and test procedures;
testing, maintaining and modifying existing control systems;
analysing data and presenting findings in written reports;
managing operations;
working collaboratively with design other engineers, operation engineers, purchasers
and other internal staff;
liaising with clients, suppliers, contractors and relevant authorities;
project management within cost and time constrained environments;
troubleshooting and problem-solving;
understanding and ensuring compliance with the health and safety regulations and
quality standards of the country in which work is undertaken;
providing advice and consultancy support;
purchasing equipment;
developing new business proposals;
accepting responsibility and a level of accountability that is proportionate to the
seniority of the position.
Ongoing projects and Research
1. Intelligent Multi-Coloured Lighting Systems With Fuzzy logic Control - M.Sc Research
2. Design, programming, prototyping, testing, prototyping and manufacture of
Escobox (Control and Metering technology for off-grid and smart-grid energy delivery
systems) in collaboration with De Montfort University and Durham
University (UK). 
3. Intelligent sensors fusion with fuzzy logic decision algorithms and reporting

Headed by: Prof. Jackson M. Mbuthia