Vice-Chancellor tours College of Architecture and Engineering
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Mon, 2016-01-04 12:43
The tour of University Colleges is ongoing as the newly appointed University of Nairobi 7th ViceChancellor
today visited the College of Architecture and Engineering. Prof. Peter Mbithi today
visited the College to listen to the views of the College Academic Board in an event hosted at the
Nuclear Science Boardroom.
To ensure that staff work at the optimism levels and the students learning in a conducive
environment, the Vice-Chancellor, pledged to support the college administration morally and
financially even as he maintains an open door policy. “If any of you have any issues to discuss with
me, you are welcome”.
He reminded the staff members, composed mainly of professors that his vision is to have
experiential learning in the classrooms coupled with mentorship of the students. Students, he noted
that should be encouraged to perform well both in academia and in sports. It is by doing so that we
shall have an all round graduates.
The College Principal, Prof. Bernard Njoroge, pledged total support to the new Vice-Chancellor. He
outlined several ways the college was working on to ensure that they meet their financial targets,
key among her strategic objectives are: cost reduction, collaboration with industry, improvement of
the teaching and learning facilities.
The Vice-Chancellor was accompanied by the Deputy Vice-Chancellors and the College Principals on
his second tour of the colleges since his appointment.
Also present during the tour were; the Finance Officer, Mr. Michael Karue, Register (
Administration) Dr. Dismus Bulinda, Chief Legal Officer, Ms. Rebecca Ngondo, Chief Internal Auditor,
Mr. Igeria, Procurement Manager, Mr. Joseph Mokaya, Estates Manager, Mr. Trancisio Thuita among
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