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The project is aimed at  designing a wireless remote vehicle system that  has the option of switching the vehicle ignition off, lights on/off, and to shut/open the vehicle door lock within a short  distance.  The  project  incorporates  the  use  of  Radio  Frequency  (RF)  technology  in achieving the wireless communication within the short distance.

In the past, drivers have been forced to manually do the above mentioned tasks while still within the car. This traditional system has been prone to insecurity and inconvenience as drivers at times tend to forget them and are forced to physically go back to the Car after alighting to secure the car. Also remotely shutting/opening the vehicle door allows the drivers spend minimum time beside the car trying to open/shut the door where they are vulnerable to mugging and hi-jacking.

This project therefore offers a solution for all the above problems by allowing all those vehicle securing  tasks  be  done  easily and  remotely.  The  project  also  simply offer  a  great  deal  of convenience to drivers by allowing all the above tasks be done simply and remotely from a simple touch of a button.

A microcontroller (ATmega 32), HT12 encoder and decoder and rf module (transmitter and receiver)  has  been  successfully used  in  designing  a  prototype  that  when  integrated  with  a vehicles electrical system can easily be used as a switching system.

This is an advanced technology for vehicle automation as it is used to make vehicles smarter without requiring much switches on the vehicle.

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