This project is about a maze wanderer robot in which an RF toy car is adapted. The robot is expected to navigate through the maze, that is, the robot is expected to avoid the obstacles while trying to find its way out. This implies that the robot should be able to move forward, turn right, turn left and even move reverse depending on where the obstacles is. This is achieved by the use of the IR infrared sensors to enable the robot to sense the presence of an obstacle in its path. Most of the application systems in the industry are designed in such a way that they give outputs in accordance with the predefined conditions. They have no means of detecting the changes in their immediate environment and can’t perform any corrective measures. This challenge gives one an opportunity to explore how to design and implement a Maze wanderer robot that can take commands from their immediate environment and respond to them accordingly. It typical consists of the drive system, an array of sensors, and the control system.  The purpose of Maze wanderer robot is to find its way through any type of Maze. Design decisions involve power, sensing techniques, turning methods and programming.  A wall follower logic algorithm was employed to solve the maze which was found to be simpler and much faster compared.